Monday, August 27, 2012

Got Troubled Skin? This mask will take all your troubles away...

Today we will be reviewing the Lioele Perfect Trouble Clear Essence Mask!

For more photos of the product, watch the How To use Sheet Mask video.

Summary of Product

The Lioele Perfect Trouble Clear Essence Mask is great for those with oily skin or troubled skin such as acne. This mask is personally my favorite from all the Perfect Essence Mask line. I tend to have very oily skin and I get a lot of breakouts,so this is the mask that I use the most. Even when I try to get more from Lioele Texas, even they are sold out because this mask is just that good.

Product Appearance

Like the all of masks in the Perfect Essence series, the Perfect Trouble Clear Essence Mask is a sheet mask. So if you have not used a sheet mask before, I recommend that you use the how-to guide on our blog to make sure that you are using the mask correctly.
After you have watched the video or if you already have experience using sheet masks, you will notice that the Trouble Clear Essence Mask is thick with essence,which is great because you can use the extra essence(the clear fluid soaked in the mask and the excess amount found in the pack when you take it out). This excess is great to use on other troublesome skin that is not on your face,so like your back, shoulders, neck and even your legs. So the fact that Lioele gives you a lot of essence to use is great and helps you really cover all of your troublesome skin. Better ending sentence for paragraph


I like to use face mask because in that time that you're waiting for the mask to work its magic on your face, you can relax and think about things. The Trouble Clear Essence Mask has a longer wait time than I was used to,but the great part was the fact that I wasn't really worried about getting the mask on things, unlike with western face mask which have a tendency to rub off on things . The wait time is about 20-30 minutes of sitting with the mask on; I recommend that you use the full time allotted,so your face has a better chance of absorbing all of the essence.

Like I said earlier I find the time waiting to be relaxing, so I really enjoy the mask on my face. When I was using the mask, it smelled kind of chocolate-y, but it was all of the essence oil combining to create a comforting smell. It made the experience for me because it smelled good and I got a chance to really unwind.
After using the mask, the blemishes that I had were less noticeable and really helped reduced the size of my pores. I also notice that my skin was way softer and less oily. The Trouble Clear Essence Mask really delivered on what was promised.

I would recommend the Trouble Clear Essence Mask for those who tend to have lots of breakouts (like me), acne, and oily skin. I think you should try it out if you ever have the chance.  

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