Monday, August 20, 2012

Lioele Pop Tint, The Orange Addition

Today we will be reviewing the Pop Tint Orange! 

Product Summary

Since I really enjoy using my Pinky Tint, I decided to go back for the rest of the trio. Now that I have the full Pop Tint Series, I want to share how awesome this product line is. The color that I will be focusing on today is the Orange Tint. I found this color to be a  funky choice from the traditional pinks and reds that you commonly see in colors for your lips and cheeks. I thought the Orange Tint would be great as we  turn to Autumn, so I can get some of that Autumn color on my lips. 


The Orange Tint has a very nice peach color to it. This is great because sometimes orange can be a powerful shade for some people. Like the Pinky Tint, The Orange Tint does vary in color  by layering different amounts of the color. So while the basic color is a nice peach, you can build up to an intense orange by having multiple layers of color. I found that I really like having a nice translucent peach shade on my lips while having a more intense orange on my cheeks.   

The tint itself has a pleasant citrus smell and taste to it so it is easy to apply. I think this a nice feature of the product because, like other products that have a certain shade to them, they tend to fall short on the taste and smell aspect . I generally enjoy products that have more to offer to the customer, such as pleasant taste and smell, so I want to use it more.  

The packaging of the Orange Tint is cute as can be expected with Lioele products. I like having the nail polish bottom shape to it. I found that the shape allows me to carry it more easily ,and the product is steady enough that when you're working with it, you don't have to worry about spilling or dropping it. The Orange Tint shape makes it easy to hold in the palm of your hand so you never have difficulty handling it. 
Like most of the Lioele products, the packaging of the box has a princess theme. The cutest part of it, for me, was the four-leaf clover on the inside of the box. It  comes with a message, along with the four-leaf clover. Unfortunately I don't read Korean so I don’t know what it says but it sure does look cute.
When I used the Orange Tint, I had to use a lot to the product to get some color on my face. Maybe it's due to the fact that I have a darker skin tone ,so  it would most likely pop better on someone lighter than me. Regardless, I wasn't quite satisfied with the results the Orange Tint provided me. I'm not saying that the product didn't work, nor that it less quality than the rest of the Pop Tint series, but I did not have the same results with the Orange Tint like I did the with Pinky Tint. I just had to have a least 3 layers of  Orange Tint for it to show up on my skin tone. Specify in the last sentence which pop tint you are talking about.

While I really enjoy using orange of instead of my usual pink, I still prefer the Pinky Tint as my number one lip/cheek stain. I think that the Orange Tint is good for more of a seasonal look and for a change of pace, but it cant replace the Pinky for me. I also think that the Orange Tint is more suited for people with lighter skin tones. They would get the most out of the product

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