Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Cherry Red Pop Tint will blow you away!

Today we will finish the Lioele Pop Tint series by covering the Cherry Red Pop Tint!

Product Summary

For those of you would want a more sexy color then the others then Cherry Red tint is the one for you. Like the rest of the pop tints, Lioele continues to deliver a quality product that is worth your money. The Cherry Red tint is a nice deep red color and not the typical orangey red that you see when you use a bright red. It’s also great to have the rest of the collection so you can a color for every mood.

As touch on earlier, the actual base of the Cherry Red tint is not a warm tone but instead a cool tone so it would look great on those with cool tones in their complexion. Or even for those who prefer more of a purple–red than an orange-red, although you can still achieve a rich red color on your lips no matter what you prefer. I personally tend to like to the cooler-reds tones because I feel like the warmer ones lean too much towards orange.
The only difference between the Cherry Red and the rest of the pop tint series is the fact that Cherry Red seems to be a little thinner than the rest. The others, Orange and Pinky, are more like a milky lotion you massage into your skin while the Cherry Red is less milky an more of a lacquer like nail polish. So out of all three of the pop tints, the Cherry Red is the one that looks the most like a nail polish bottle so make sure to not to confuse it when you’re using it.

Since the Cherry Red is thinner than the rest of the pop tint series, there’s less lasting power with the Cherry Red than the rest. I recently used the Cherry Red tint exclusively for my lips for a whole weekend and I notice that unlike the Orange or the Pinky I had to reapply the Cherry Red tint more than usual. I can usually get 3-4 hours with the Orange or Pinky but with the Cherry Red tint I was getting closer to 2 hours which isn’t much of a difference but something to keep in mind when you use the product.

The Cherry Red tint does work great as a blush. It never came off unless I wanted it to and I would highly recommend it as a blush. Which one layer of color you can achieve a realistic blush that stays all day and even into the next if you don’t wash it off. I also thought the Cherry Red was the easiest one of the pop tint to use as a blush since it was so thin. I felt like there is a higher concentration of color in the Cherry Red tint so it makes it easier to use it as a blush because you don’t have to continue to build up color.
I found the Cherry Red tint to be a great addition to the Pop Tint series. I felt that it help to keep to lips moisturized while providing me a nice rich red. It worked great as a blush. Although it didn’ t have the staying power of the other pop tint, it did make up for it by having a higher concentration of color.

I would recommend the Cherry Red Tint to anyone would was looking for a nice lip/check stain and even someone would enjoys Lioele products. I think they would be beyond satisfied with the product that they are getting.  

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