Saturday, August 25, 2012

Perfect Essence Masks!

Summary of Product

The Lioele Perfect Essence Mask Pack is the product in this week spotlighted. The Lioele Perfect Essence Mask Pack is a great way to address certain issues with your skin and correct it. There are 5 masks in the pack and they all focus on a specific skin issues like dull skin, dark spots, acne, and adding firmness to the face . Each mask is a sheet mask so that means each mask can only be used once. The Perfect Essence Mask Pack work great with the Vita Shake Packs because you can switch between them so your face is always getting taken care of so your face doesn't become resistanced to the products.

Types of Mask

1. The Lioele Perfect Trouble Clear Essence Mask helps with those with troubled skin or oily skin. This mask can help control oil and even out your skin tone.
2. The Lioele Pore Control Essence Mask is great forthose with oily skin because it helps to stop pimples from forming as well as control sebum secretion.
3. The Lioele Perfect Brightening Essence Mask is great for those with dull skin and dark spots. The Green Teas and Orange extract help to brighten and even out skin tones.
4. The Lioele Perfect Collagen Essence Mask helps to moisturize tired skin and helps make aging skin become more soft and supple.
5. The Lioele Perfect Soothing Essence Mask is a great mask for tired, stressed skin because it recharges and vitalizes your skin.

The Perfect Essence Mask can really clear up any problems that you’re having with your skin. You can mix and match the different mask whenever you have certain skin problems, so that you can cover your entire base with one product. You can also buy the mask individually, so if you have a certain skin problem that happens all the time, you can concentrate on resolving the skin problem skin is having. LIf you’re like me and have oily skin, you would want to make sure to have either the Trouble Clear Essence Mask or the Pore Control Essence Mask to help control your oily skin and the issues that arise having oily skin.

Product Package

The Perfect Essence Mask pack comes with one sheet mask per essence mask. So you’re going to getting 5 face masks for each of the different types of Perfect Essence Mask. The mask have a 3 year shelf life from the manufacturer’s date, so make sure you check your manufacturer’s date so you are getting the most from your product.


  1. Clean your face. Apply skin toner if needed.
  2. Unfold cloth mask and fit on to your face
  3. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and remove mask gently and use fingertips to massage extra essence into your skin until completely absorbed.
  4. For best results, use 2-3 times a week and apply lotion after use.
All of the masks do not have any artificial coloring and no alcohol. Some of the masks do not have any fragrance to them, so if you have sensitive skin, make sure to check your mask so no problems arise.

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