Monday, August 6, 2012

Lioele Brush Pen Review

Lioele Brush Pen

Lately, I have been looking for eyeliner that I could carry around with me. I have been building up an on-go-makeup kit because I was always rushing to events. I would get off work and immediately have to go a party or family get together. I finally got tired of showing up looking a mess so I wanted to put together an on-the-go makeup kit so I would look presentable. When I stopped at Lioele Texas and got my latest haul, I finally picked up eyeliner. The eyeliner that I couldn’t resist to buy was the Lioele Brush-Pen Eyeliner.

My biggest need for eyeliner was it had to be something that I could easily fit in my on-the-go makeup case.  I was immediately drawn to the sleek, pen-shape of the eyeliner. With it shaped just like a pen, Brush-Pen didn’t take up much space in my makeup case, allowing me to carry more bulky accessories that I couldn’t before.

Just like with most Lioele products, the design of the eyeliner was really cute. This is something that I enjoy having in my makeup products especially the ones I carry around with me. I really enjoy the fact that Lioele takes the time to provide cute products for their customers. So even though Lioele’s eyeliners might cost more than the cheap eyeliner that you might find in your local stores, you know that you are getting a product that is really cute and works well. 
Lioele Brush Pen Example

The pen-shape is great for applying the eyeliner quickly. Since I am already used to the pen-shape when writing, I can quickly apply the eyeliner. When the design of the eyeliners isn’t pen-shape, it can take me a second to get used to the way the eyeliner feels in my hand before I can use it. I personally favor a pen-shape eyeliner when I am on the go. I find it easier to use whenever I am in a rush and need to do my makeup in the car.

Since I like a heavier eyeliner look, I do have to trace my eyes a couple of times since the eyeliner comes out a little thin. Brush-Pen eyeliner is really like a pen, so sometimes you might need a couple more passes for more dramatic looks.
Lioele Brush Pen Sample
As you can tell in the photo, the Brush Pen does come out a little thin but you can always add more brushstrokes for more depth.

As seen on the website, the description of the product highlights a feature being smudged proof. I haven’t had any problem with the eyeliner running or creating smudges whenever I use it. It glides on smooth and fast. Unlike other eyeliners that I own, the Brush-Pen is very clean. It doesn’t get everywhere, and when you make a mistake, it’s very easy to correct, which leads me into my next point: easy removal.

The other selling point for Brush-Pen was that it was easy to remove. Since the Brush-Pen lasts all day without any smudging, one would think that it would be really hard to remove, but the eyeliner is not.  Don’t even need heavy cleaners to remove it either, which is another plus for the product for me. You can easily remove the eyeliner with water; the water removes it completely, unlike with other eyeliners that like to cling stubbornly to your face.

I found this product to be very thing that I needed, so I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a quick and easy eyeliner.  

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