Friday, August 10, 2012

Lets get shaking with Lieole's Vita Shake Pack!

The product spotlight for this week is the Lioele Vita Shake Pack. The Lioele Vita Shake Pack has a variety of washable masks that are great to use in combination with the Lioele Perfect Essence Mask. When you get your Vita Shake Pack, it comes with 6 different masks that will help your skin. Each of the masks come with 3-4 different packs. Each mask has an exclusive benefit for your skin and provides great skin care when paired with the Lioele Paper Mask.

Types of Mask

Kiwi - Soothing Skin Troubles (good for oily & acne-prone or sensitive skin)
Papaya - Peeling
Cranberry - Pore Tightening & Sebum Control (good for combination & oily skin)
Apple Mango - Deep Hydration (great for really dry skin)
Lemon - Brightening
Blueberry - Firming & Refreshing

Each mask makes a great team with its respected Lioele Perfect Essence Mask. You can pair Lemon Brightening Vita Shake with the Lioele Perfect Brightening Essence Mask to really help brighten your skin. Since you are recommended to use both the Essence Mask and Vita Pack Mask at the most twice a week, using both different types of mask will complete your Lioele skincare regiment.

How to Use

These masks are more similar to typical Western face masks in that they are just a simple wash and go (so there shouldn’t be much of a learning curve involved). It is recommended that you only use the Vita shake mask twice a week and leave it on between 15-20 minutes upon application.

Product Package

The Vita shake all come in a 50 ml package that has more than enough for your whole face. Since the Vita shake comes in 50 ml packs, this makes it convenient to bring them with you everywhere you go. So if you’re going on vacation you can bring along your skin care regiment without giving up as much space like with a Western facial scrub.

Since the Vita shake is a variety pack, each package has its own instructions on how to use it and what it does for your skin. If you are going to be using them on the go, you don’t have to worry about carrying around additional instructions or anything else.
Like most Lioele products, the Vita Shake pack has a three year shelf life according to the manufacturing date. Make sure you check your manufacturing date so you can get the most from your product .

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