Friday, May 31, 2013

Looking for a more luxurious paper mask? Try Lioele's Essential Red Ginseng Mask!

Today I will be spotlighting Lioele’s Essential Red Ginseng Mask!
If you are a huge fan of paper mask, then Lioele’s Essential line is just for you. The Essential Red Ginseng Mask is part of the Essential Mask series, a more high-end  paper mask that Lioele produces. These Essential mask tend to be better fitting and have richer essences. The Red Ginseng Mask, in particular, boasts it will help boost tired skin and help to reduce marks and redness.While the whole Essential series boast, high quality essence that doesn’t leave your skin sticky like other paper masks. This is a great perk  if you hate the stickiness of some paper sheet mask.

The highlight of this mask in is the Red Ginseng. The Red Ginseng extract is great for those with tired, sagging, blemished skin. It really helps to pump up your complexion whenever you feel that your skin has become dull. The masks in the Essential line tend to be more focus more on repairing the complexion, which is why the essences are so rich with vitamins and minerals. Like most of the other Essential mask, the Red Ginseng’s scent and the astringent qualities really help to make this mask a top quality product. The astringent aspect of the Essential Red Ginseng mask get’s deep in your skin's tissues thus creating a revitalizing feeling that starts from within the pores of your skin.

I would urged anyone who loves paper mask and are looking for a more luxurious experience, to try Lioele’s Essentials series. All of the mask in the the series leave one feeling that the mask didn’t just help to clear the surface of your skin but more of a deep tissue treatment. The Essential series is a must try!

Water, Glycerin, PEG/PPG-17/6 Copolymer, Xanthan Gum, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Erythritol, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Natto Gum, Hydroethylcellulose, PEG-14M, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Bark/Leaf/Twig Extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Disodium EDTA, Allantoin, Methyparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is it getting too sunny for you? If so, try Lioele's Fresh Sun Screen!

Today I will be reviewing Lioele’s Fresh Sun Screen!
Fresh Sun Screen
With summer right around the corner, I have started using my Lioele’s Fresh Sun Screen SPF 45. I got a sample of the sunscreen when I got my sample trio pack at Lioele Texas’ grand opening. Like every summer in Texas you can expect it to be sunny and hot. The Fresh Sun Screen boast that it is light enough to be use everyday, helps to protect from UVA and UVB rays, waterproof, helps to lighten age spots, and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. So before the full heat hit us in Houston, I wanted to try out my Lioele sunscreen to make sure it could help in the hotter months.  


The Fresh Sun Screen is like most sunscreens and it’s the usual white paste. Unlike like other sunscreen, it doesn’t have that usual stickiness to it. The Fresh Sun screen does have a slight scent to it. It’s a smells a little like lemons, which really helps the sunscreen feel like it is freshening up your face unlike other sunscreen where it feels like the sunscreen clogging your pores. The Fresh Sun Screen also stood out, by not having a blue undertone like most sunscreens. The Fresh Sun Screen is more like a beauty product that protects you from the sun than your normal sunscreen.
Fresh Sun Screen close up


When you use the Fresh Sun Screen for the first time, you really are expecting a sun screen but when it comes out of the tube-it’s more of a cream. I mention earlier that the Fresh Sun Screen didn’t have the usual stickiness of sunscreens, which is true, but it also depends on where you put it. If you are using the Fresh Sun Screen for your face then it glides on very smoothly, but if you put on your arm then can get a little sticky.
The best feature of the product from me is the fact that you can wear it everyday. Whenever I wear the Fresh Sun Screen, I like to put it under my tinted moisturizer.The Fresh Sun Screen is nice because even though I’m putting on multiple steps of makeup, the sunscreen doesn’t make my skin feel heavy. In fact, the sunscreen helps my face feel fresh for my moisturizer. I also like to use the Fresh Sun Screen daily because it helps to lighten age spots or in my case old scars. I enjoy knowing that I have a product that is not only going to help my skin look great but also correct past imperfections.  


I really like using the Lioele’s Fresh Sun Screen because it a great daily product that packs a lot of benefits for my skin. Especially, with sun screen it’s easy to rely on makeup that might have SPF protection but why take that risk when you can use Fresh Sun Screen. It works great under makeup and helps your skin beyond protection from the sun. I fully endorse this product because I needs it’s a necessary product everyone should have.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to prep your face for Lioele's face masks!

I have a big event for me later this week so I was planning on using one of my Lioele face mask. It dawn on me that I don’t have a How To on prepping your face for face masks. I want this guide to go beyond the basic instructions that the face mask’s packages provide, because when you prep your face the proper way then you can see the best results from your Lioele products.

What you will need:

Exfoliate (I will be using a homemade one, a honey and sugar scrub.)
Green tea
Hot water
Lioele Facial Mask of your choice!
2013-03-29 21.46.09

Step 1: Clean Your Face!

This step is usually the only step that is included on the package and it is the most important one! You can really expect your face to get all of the great benefits that Lioele’s mask provide without getting rid of all the dirt and grime of the day. For this step, I like to use my Lioele Cranberry Cleanser to help get my skin ready for the next step.

Step 2: Scrub your Face!

Exfoliate! I liked to exfoliate my skin after cleansing because I want to make sure to get out all my dead skin that might be clogging my pores preventing the facial mask from getting deep into my skin. There are some commercial exfoliates that you can pick up from your local drugstore but I like to keep it homemade and use my honey sugar scrub.
2013-03-29 21.46.20

Bonus: Honey Sugar Scrub Recipe
1 tbsp. Honey
2 tbsp. Sugar
Small bowl to mix in
And that’s the Honey Sugar Scrub recipe! While it doesn’t look like much, it is enough to cover your whole face twice! The last time that I made the Honey Sugar Scrub, I had to get my roommates to use some because the recipe made so much.

Step 3: Steam your Face!

I will admit this might be my least favorite step but I do see great results from it. First you can boil your water, if you have a teapot you might want to do there. After the water comes to a boil, take your green tea and drop in a cup or a bowl whichever you prefer. Next take the towel and drape it over your head. Make sure that you cover the whole cup or bowl so that the steam can hit your face. Hang out here for 5-10 minutes. This step helps to open up your pores so that when you are using your face mask, the essence can really get in deep.
2013-03-29 21.46.31
If you tried to steam your skin and don’t like you can always just take a towel soak in hot water until it steams and place it gently on your face. Be careful not to burn yourself!

And now your complexion is ready for the face mask! I hope that this guide will help you get all the benefits from your face mask!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Have tired skin? Try Lioele's Essential Red Ginseng Mask to help perk up!

Today we will be reviewing Lioele’s Essential Red Ginseng Mask!
Since I have gotten really good results with Lioele’s Essential Honey Mask, I have been wanting to try out the Red Ginseng Mask as well. The Lioele Essential Red Ginseng Mask sheet is a great for whenever you feel like your skin is feeling tired. The Red Ginseng component of the mask helps to perk up your complexion, so it should look tired after using the mask. I was noticing some dark circles under my eyes so I decided it was time to use my Essential Red Ginseng Mask.


The mask is like the rest of the Essential line,  a plain, white sheet mask. I was kind of expecting the mask to be red but I understand that the essences tend to be the most distilled part of any ingredient. Although, if the mask was red, it would have been really cool. The essence did have a medical smell to it. It wasn’t overpowering enough that I wanted to take off the mask but it also wasn’t as soothing as other masks. The Essential Line has to be my favorite line out of all of Lioele’s masks because the fit of the mask is alway good.

I had a very different experience with the essence of the mask than other essences that I have tried. Usually the essence of the mask is very subtle,but the Essential Red Ginseng mask was not. I was very impressive because for the full 20 minutes of wearing the mask, it didn’t stop tingling. Even when I took the mask off, my face continue to tingle. For me, the tingling of the mask felt as if the mask was helping my tired skin become more energetic and helped me feel like the mask was doing its job. 


Like I said in the previous paragraph, the mask didn’t stop tingling for about 5 minutes after using the mask. I like that aspect of the mask because it felt like the mask was working overtime for me and I got to experience the full range of benefits of the mask. The next day, I did notice less dark circles and some of the fullness of my face came back. My face did feel firmer, which was unexpected. I like this extra benefit of the mask because not only did the Essential Red Ginseng mask take care of my tired skin but it also help firm up my overall complexion. 


The Essential Red Ginseng mask boast that it can help cure your tired skin. Now that I have tried the Essential Red Ginseng mask, I agree with its boasts. The Red Ginseng mask helped to perk my complexion while at the same helped my skin to regain its firmness. Although, the tingling might be too much for people with sensitive skin, so you might want to look for a mask that would be more gentle for your face. If you are looking for a mask that revitalizes and firms your skin then the Essential Red Ginseng mask is the one for you.  

Monday, February 25, 2013

Need some extra shine? Try Lioele's Glittering Jewel Eyeliner

Today I will be reviewing Lioele’s Glittering Jewel Eyeliner!

My Glittering Jewel Eyeliner is from my last trip out to Lioele Texas. This was when I was still trying to build my daily makeup, so I was looking for a nice light eyeliner that would help to make my eyes look bigger. I ended up settling on the Champagne Glittering Jewel Eyeliner because it wasn’t too bright that it would look unnatural with my skin tone, but at the same time help brighten my eyes to help them look brighter. It was really hard to choose one of the Glittering Jewel Eyeliners because all of the colors looked so vibrant that I didn’t want to just settle for the Champagne one.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking for primer? Get Lioele's Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base!

Today I will be reviewing Lioele’s Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base!

Lioele’s Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base is a great primer to help compliment your Lioele BB creams. I had picked up the primer the last time that I was at Lioele Texas, because I like to keep my products within the same brand family, and I tend to have good luck with Lioele’s products. Primers are great to use whenever you would like to make your makeup last. When I saw they had a primer, I decided to pick up the 7ml one so I could give it a try and review it.


Like most of Lioele’s products, the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base has very girly looking packaging. It’s less organic than other product packaging, but I guess there really isn’t anything organic that comes to mind when you think of a primer. Like the name suggests, the primer does have a glossy pearl shine to it whenever you use the it. Unlike other Lioele’s products that start at such a light tone, the Blooming Shimmer Pearl blends in very well leaving only a rainbow shimmer behind. I liked the shimmer in the Blooming Shimmer Pearl because helps my skin become more illuminated than other primers that can cause my complexion to look lifeless.
The Blooming Shimmer Pearl base on by itself and
how it does as a primer. 


The Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base is very easy to use and I like how the primer doesn’t feel greasy. Whenever I applied it to my complexion, it left my skin feeling super soft and light. I only use the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base whenever I’m doing my date makeup since it causes me to use many layers of product. Since the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base is so light, it became my favorite feature of the product because my last primer left my skin feeling heavy. As for how the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base work as a primer, I found it very helpful in making my makeup last longer. I liked using the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base whenever I was wearing bright colors, since they tend to fade fast with my skin tone. The Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base help to make sure that the colors continue to popped as well as making makeup lasting the whole day. The Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base help to condense using a primer and a shimmer so now I have only one step to do rather than two.


For casually picking up the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base, I tend to use it alot. This to to me means that I know that I found a good product to use that helps my makeup look great. Once I’m done with my 7 ml, I will upgrade to the 35 ml because the product has become so integral in my makeup regime. If you are looking for either a primer or a shimmer, I would recommend the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base. Another great thing about the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base does have two different sample sizes, so you don’t take my word for it than you can try it for yourself