Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soothe away your troubles with this Perfect Essence Mask...

Product summary

Today we will be reviewing the Perfect Soothing Essence Mask!

The Perfect Soothing Essence Mask is a great treat for tired skin especially if you wear makeup 24/7. I recently had to start wearing makeup every day and my skin does not like it. I tend to breakout more whenever I have to wear makeup for long periods of time. Even with my current skin care regiment, I still needed a little extra kick, so I decided it was time to give the Perfect Soothing Essence Mask a try. It’s not only great with tired but also troubled skin as well which was the two problems I was facing.


When you use the Perfect Soothing Essence mask, the first thing that you will notice is the flowery, soapy fragrance the mask produces. I found the fragrance to be very soothing which help me relax when I had the mask on my face. The fragrance didn’t have strong overbearing presence that some flowery fragrances can have and I think it was because it also a fresh, clean soap smell to it as well. When you use something with a fragrance that has that clean scent to it, I think helps people want to use the product more.
Since it’s still hot in my corner of the world, I like to keep my Perfect Essence masks in the refrigerator so when I use the masks they are nice and chilled. So when I used my Perfect Soothing Essence mask it was very refreshing because it was a nice combination of being soothing on my skin and cooling my face. The Perfect Soothing Essence mask is also very light on the face unlike some of the other mask in the Perfect Essence collection. The mask was so light that it had almost dried in the first 5 minutes of the mask being on my face.  

After Use

My face felt very fresh after I washed off the Perfect Soothing Essence Mask.  I didn’t feel like my pores were clogged with the junk that I had been putting on it.  Most of the blemishes I did have were reduce in size and all of the redness of my skin was gone after I washed the mask off. I did notice that my skin had recovered its natural glow after using the mask. It also helped to even out my skin tone.


The Perfect Soothing Essence mask worked really well for me when I used it. I felt that it help to rejuvenate my complexion by clearing out all of the buildup of makeup and oil in my skin that my regular cleanser wasn’t getting. I think people need to jump start their skin sometimes, so they always have the best skin they can achieve. I feel that the Perfect Soothing Essence mask can give people’s skin that extra kick that they might need every once in a while. I think it’s a perfect addition to your skincare regiment especially if you’re already using facial mask or is a fan of Lioele products. I encourage you to pick it and give it a try. 

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