Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dry skin? Let the Apple Mango Vita Pack soothe it away…

Product Summary

Today, I’m going to review the Apple Mango pack from the Vita Shake collection.

Since I bought the Vita Shake collection from Lioele Texas, I have been using the different masks and seeing how they affect my skin. The focus of this review is the Apple Mango pack. The Apple Mango pack is a great help for those who suffer from dry skin.  While my skin tends to be oily, I do get some dry spots that pop up around this time of year. I thought it would be great time to test out the Apple Mango pack to see if it could work its wonders on my fickle skin.


How the mask looks like. 
The Vita Shake masks are more like the typical western face that you’ll find in Walgreens and CVS. So be prepared to get a little messy. Especially if you’re like me, I tend to get the composited face mask all over my hair so I prefer the paper mask better. Although, I did find Apple Mango pack to be really easy to use, since it was more like a gel than your typical composited face masks which tend to be more cream-like.

The Apple Mango pack does have a wonderful fruit smell to it, so it’s not hard to want to slather your face with it. It’s harder to stop yourself from trying it to eat it, it smells so good. After you spread the Apple Mango pack on your face, you will notice that the mask seems to be pulp-y as if Lioele really mashed up apples and mangos to make the perfect mask for your face. I notice this pulp-y texture from all the Vita Shake packs, so don’t be alarmed when you use any of the masks for the first time.

After Use

Apple Mango mask in use
The first thing that I noticed after I washed off the Apple Mango pack was my face felt really soft. My face also looked a little fuller and healthier. The dry patches that were ashen, since I have darker skin my dry spots seems to look ashy, are now a nice rosy brown. The blemishes that I had are way less noticeable after I washed off the mask, so that an extra benefit that they don’t tell you about. Even the next day I was still experiencing the benefits of the mask, which is great because you can see the effects of the mask long after you washed it off.


I would recommend the Apple Mango pack for those who have trouble with dry skin since it helped me so much and I only occasionally have dry skin. I feel that if you were to use this mask a least once a week, it would help to combat your dryness and allow you have a healthy, glowing skin. Not only did the Apple Mango pack live up the advertisements but it exceeds them. The fact that you can see the effects of the mask the day after use, I feel that is the mark of a good product. I encourage everyone to try out the Apple Mango mask even if your face doesn’t get too dry because it has much more benefits than just hydration. 

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