Monday, November 19, 2012

Want tighter skin? Try Lioele's Perfect Collagen Essence Mask

Today we will be reviewing Lioele’s Perfect Collagen Essence Mask!

The Perfect Collagen Essence mask is great for those whose skin needs a little perk throughout the week. The mask main benefit is the collagen within the mask, this is great to way to help skin return to its original state after a hard week or to help slow down aging. This mask is also great for those who have bags under the eyes because of the marine collagen that helps to restore firmness and bounce back to your skin. I wanted to try this mask because I do wear a lot of makeup throughout the week and I’ve notice that my skin wasn’t as perky as usual.


To be honest the Collagen Essence mask isn’t my favorite mask in the Perfect Essence series. The first thing that I noticed when I open the package was the fact that there wasn’t as much extra essence in the package like the rest of the Perfect Essence series. The amount of essence that came in the package had a strong floral scent to it. I think this mask has the strongest floral scent to it; the scent was almost like a perfume. If you don’t like floral scents, this is one mask in the series that I would stay away from.

As for the application of the mask, for some reason this was the most unfitting mask that I have used in the Lioele’s paper mask line. Usually I can put on the mask without the use of a mirror, but when I used the mask I don’t know if I blotch it up or the mask wasn’t fitted correctly but I had a hard time with it. Regardless, I was counting the minutes to get the mask off. Due to the fact that the mask wasn’t fitted correctly, I felt that only certain parts of my face got the full treatment of the mask.

After Use

After taking off the mask, I notice that my skin felt a tighter on my checks, forehead, nose and chin. For the most part the mask dried perfectly so I was ready to go if I need to go anywhere. I felt that the mask help my skin to become firmer and more supple. I really didn’t notice if the mask helped my face become softer until the next day. When I woke up that’s when I notice that my skin was a little softer but I think the mask is better at firming than making the skin soft.


Even though I had a lot of trouble with this mask, I think the Perfect Collagen Essence mask did was promise-tighten the skin. I think that this mask would be more useful for those trying to stem advance aging or even if you have a lot of saggy skin, like bags under the eyes. With my experience with the mask, I felt that it was more helpful in firming than making my skin softer. Not that the mask can’t make your skin softer, I just think other masks in the series do it better. All in all, I do recommend this mask to those would are concerned with premature aging or bags under the eyes.

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