Monday, November 5, 2012

Lioele's Blueberry Vita Shake Pack Review

Today I will be reviewing Lioele’s Blueberry Vita Shake pack!

The Blueberry Vita Shake pack is a great mask to use when you run your skin ragged. The Blueberry Vita Shake pack specialty is firming and refreshing the skin so it’s best to the use the mask when you notice your skin looking dull. I like using the mask whenever I notice my dark bags under my eyes. I wanted to see if the Blueberry Vita Shake mask could help me with my problem instead of waiting for the bags to disappear like I usually do.


The first thing that I notice about the Blueberry Vita Shake pack is the fact it look kind of bluish-purple. Like the rest of the masks in the collections, the Vita Shake packs tend to be a clear gel but the Blueberry Vita Shake mask had a bluish-purple tint to it. I found this to be really neat because it felt like Lioele thought beyond just making the mask smell like blueberries, which it did smell like. I really like this addition to the mask because it such a small detail that really made the product stand out to me, especially since there is 5 other mask that it has to compete with.

Like I said earlier, the mask did smell just like blueberries which help to make the mask seem to be freshly made. Like the Kiwi Vita shake pack, the blueberry mask really did make me think that Lioele made this mask especially for me with it feeling and smelling so much like blueberries. I have had homemade blueberry mask in the past and I feel that the Blueberry Vita Shake pack was on par with the homemade mask. I enjoy both the mask equally and I feel that for the price the Blueberry Vita Shake pack is a good alternate to homemade or freshly made masks.

After Use

After using the Blueberry Vita Shake mask, my skin felt very firm. I notice that the heavy bags that I had under my eyes were diminished. Not only were the bags under my eyes reduced but my skin felt more cleanse.  My skin really felt refreshed after using it without the tight feeling whenever you cleanse your face.  I was happy that the mask helps my skin to return to normal so I see myself using the mask for whenever I have the same problem.


I would recommendation this product for anyone who is looking for a mask to firm up your skin without it feeling too tight. I think this mask is great because it really delivers on what it promises without going overboard. I also really enjoyed the fact that the mask itself felt really fresh. With the blueberry scent the mask had and the fact that it look like it had a bluish-purple tint to it helped the mask to feel fresh. I really do feel that this mask is on the same level as the freshly made or homemade mask that you might find out. 

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