Monday, November 26, 2012

Clean out those pores with Lioele's Pore Control Essence Mask!

Today I will be reviewing Lioele’s Pore Control Essence Mask!

The Pore Control Essence Mask is great for cleaning clogged pores that might causes acne or breakouts. This mask is great for those who have oily skin, like me, or has the occasional breakout.  The main benefit of the mask is that it helps to reduce the junk that gets clogged in your pore by controlling sebum secretion. The Pore Control Essence mask helps not only to reduce sebum secretion but also helps to reduce pore size. I wanted to try this mask out because I do have oily skin and I have really horrible breakout so I wanted to see if this mask could help me with my skin issues.


I really enjoy the fragrance of this mask unlike the last review where the mask was a very intense floral scent. The Pore Control Essence Mask had a nice clean scent to it. I thought the scent was very different from the rest of the Perfect Essence line because it wasn’t floral. Most of the mask in the collection tends to be either a fruity or floral scent but the Pore Control Essence Mask just was a nice simple scent. This could also be the case due to the tannin in the mask which is a type of astringent. Most astringents tend to have that fresh, clean scent to them since they are cleansing products.

There was lot of extra essence when I used the mask, which is great for other breakout spots. I know that for myself, I tend to have a lot of pimples in my hair line so that extra essence was great for reaching areas like that.  The essence itself was sticky. I found this helpful in getting the mask to stay on my face. The mask was also a good fit unlike last time. I think that the problems I had last time was me and not the mask since this mask fitted so good. Since I do keep my masks in the refrigerator, I found that my mask had a nice cooling sensation.

After Use

When I took off the mask, I notice that my blemishes were smaller and less apparent. Unlike last week mask, this is not a use-and-go mask. The mask did leave my face noticeable shinier and my face was still wet so I had to sit around a little longer to make sure that it dried. I really couldn’t tell if my pores had gotten any smaller but I was happy that my blemishes were less noticeable.


I really enjoy the Pore Control Essence Mask. I felt as though this mask was made for me in mind especially with my oily skin. For the most part, I felt that the mask lived up to its promises by helping my skin to become clearer by making my blemishes less noticeable. I would highly recommend this mask to anyone who is looking for something to help with oily skin.

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