Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lioele Kiwi Vita Shake Review

Today we will be reviewing the Kiwi Vita Shake mask!

Product Summary

The Kiwi Vita shake mask is great to use for those with troubled skin. I have stated before that I tend to have troubled skin that is constantly, or at least that how’s I feel, breaking out so I like to try out all of Lioele products that promise to help with my troubles.  The Kiwi mask from the Lioele Vita Shake collection promises to soothe my trouble skin and that it is great for those with acne too. I decided to put the Kiwi mask through its paces to see if it could live up to its promises.


The Kiwi Vita Shake mask has a lovely fruit scent to it. Actually, I found the scent to be spot on for Kiwi which is nice because most of the Lioele mask tend to have a generic fruity or flowery scent to them. I was really impressed that Lioele really paid attention to the detail of having the Kiwi mask actually representing the fruit it was based on.  I find it typical that companies tend to overlook small details like this one, so I was happy that my product smelled the way it was supposed to.

When I put the mask on, I saw some black specks that I’m sure are supposed to represent the seeds of the kiwi. I really liked this detail because not only was there some specks but also the gel was slightly green so it looked like Lioele pureed this mask for me.  The mask did have a more pulp-y texture to it than the Apple Mango mask so I felt that the Kiwi mask was fresher. I like how Lioele really tried to make this mask feel very organic. As if this was a homemade mask that you pick up from their store.  I have tried fresh mask from other stores and I think the Kiwi mask had the same freshly made feel to it.

I think the Kiwi mask is a good mask to go up against the stores that sell the freshly made mask because it was just as fresh at the mask that I would pay $5-6 dollars for without the cost. I paid $12 bucks for my Vita Shake collection and got 4 Kiwi mask, which has me longer than the freshly made mask which I always had about a 2 week period for use it in. I get the same results with the Kiwi mask than I got with the freshly made masks.

After Use

The Kiwi mask really did help to soothe away my trouble skin. The redness that I tend to have with my blemishes went away and my skin felt so soft. My blemishes also diminished in size, which was something I adore because it meant less time for blemishes to be on my face. I think my favorite aspect of the product was the fact the scent linger until the next day.


I would whole heartily recommend this product. It has helped me with my troubled skin so I feel that it would help anyone with their troubled skin. Even if it’s the occasional breakout or if you have heavy acne I think this product would do wonders for your skin. 

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