Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Get peeling with Lioele Papaya Vita Shake Pack

Today I will be reviewing the Lioele Papaya Vita Shake pack!

This Vita Shake pack is great for stripping away all that build up dead skin and junk clogging up your pores. I have been using makeup everyday lately and I like to periodically clear out all of the junk from my skin. This mask is great for me because I tend to have some debris left over from my cleansers so I really like using the Lioele Papaya Vita Shake. The Papaya Vita Shake specialty is peeling away dead skin. I think that it’s important to use masks like the Papaya Vita Shake because not every cleanser is going to help remove all of the debris that gets trapped in your pores. I wanted to try the Papaya Vita Shake mask because I have had such success with the other masks in the Vita Shake collection that I wanted to see if the Papaya Vita shake could help me out.

The Papaya Vita Shake mask has a fruity fragrance which I feel isn’t as authentic as the rest of the Vita Shake packs but was nice enough to lather on my face. I tend to have a lot to say about the scent of the different masks but with the Papaya Vita Shake I was happy enough with the smell of the mask that I wasn’t discouraged to use it. I think that even if the mask smelt like a Papaya I wouldn’t know what a Papaya smelt like to judge so all in all I was satisfied.
The appearance of the mask is much like the others- a clear gel. Unlike the other mask in the collection, the Papaya Vita Shake mask was much stickier. I found the stickiness to be helpful in getting all of that dead skin and debris out my face. It was only sticky when it was wet though so you shouldn’t have to worry about struggling to get the mask off.

After Use
After washing the mask off, I could immediately tell that my skin was softer than before. For me, I don’t see the effects of a mask until the next day, so when I woke up I notice my skin didn’t seem as ashen. The Papaya Vita Shake mask really pulled all of the junk that was lingering in my skin, so my skin could breathe again. My skin seems to be more vibrant due to the mask. It’s really important if you use makeup every day to take some time to thoroughly cleanse your skin so you don’t have a buildup of dead skin in your pores. This also helps your skin to prevent breakout since your cleaning out the junk that makes blemishes.

I fully recommend the Papaya Vita Shake mask because I think peeling masks are essential in people beauty regiments. The Papaya Vita Shake mask left my skin feeling so smooth and soft and helped removed all of the junk that was in my skin. This mask delivered on everything I wanted a peeling mask to do. Lioele makes a superb product and I think this a mask that everyone should take a chance on. 

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