Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brighten your day with the Perfect Essence Brightening Mask

Today I will be reviewing the Lioele Perfect Essence Brightening Mask from the Perfect Essence collection.

The Perfect Essence Brightening Mask is a great mask for those who have trouble with dark spots on their complexions. It doesn’t even have to be dark spots; it can also be scars, old blemishes, and dead skin. The Brightening Mask helps to lighten those troublesome spots so your complexion can become clear and even. I personally used the mask for the dark spots that I have on my face, so I was eager to slap the Perfect Essence Brightening Mask on to see if it could help me.


I found the mask to have a pleasant smell to it. To me the Brightening Mask seems to have a lemony, green tea fragrance to it when I use the mask. I know that on the description of the mask on the website, it says that orange is one of the main ingredients in the mask so that lemon scent could just be a citrus undertone. I personally tend to think of lemon when I smell citrus so that can be the case as well. Overall, I really enjoy the fragrance of the mask. I think the fragrance is important because it really determines if I can use the mask or not.
The mask, like the other Perfect Essence mask in the series, has a ton of extra essence in the package.  This is something that I find as a great perk in Lioele’s paper mask because you can use the rest of the essence on other parts of your body. I have dark spots on my chest so I got a chance to use the extra essence on my chest while letting the mask work on my face. I really enjoyed the fact that I was able to use the mask in different ways I had originally brought it for.

After Use

Immediately, after taking off the mask left my skin feeling soft and silky. Even though I didn’t notice changes that night, the next day I notice that my dark spots where less noticeable. My skin was also softer than before the mask when on. I know the mask did claimed to help removed dead skin so you complexion could have a chance to glow. While the dark spots on my chest didn’t completely disappeared but I did notice that they were lighter.  


I would encourage people to use the Perfect Essence Brightening mask if they have problems with dark spots and dead skin. This mask will help to refresh your complexion so that your skin will be glowing in no time. While I didn’t see any whiting effects when using the mask, my dark spots did appear lighter the next day. Personally, I feel that this mask is great for me for getting rid of dead skin and slowly over time lightening my dark spots but I think if someone with a lighter skin tone will see faster results. All in all I think the Perfect Essence Brightening Mask a great mask for those who need a little brightening. 

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