Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is it getting too sunny for you? If so, try Lioele's Fresh Sun Screen!

Today I will be reviewing Lioele’s Fresh Sun Screen!
Fresh Sun Screen
With summer right around the corner, I have started using my Lioele’s Fresh Sun Screen SPF 45. I got a sample of the sunscreen when I got my sample trio pack at Lioele Texas’ grand opening. Like every summer in Texas you can expect it to be sunny and hot. The Fresh Sun Screen boast that it is light enough to be use everyday, helps to protect from UVA and UVB rays, waterproof, helps to lighten age spots, and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. So before the full heat hit us in Houston, I wanted to try out my Lioele sunscreen to make sure it could help in the hotter months.  


The Fresh Sun Screen is like most sunscreens and it’s the usual white paste. Unlike like other sunscreen, it doesn’t have that usual stickiness to it. The Fresh Sun screen does have a slight scent to it. It’s a smells a little like lemons, which really helps the sunscreen feel like it is freshening up your face unlike other sunscreen where it feels like the sunscreen clogging your pores. The Fresh Sun Screen also stood out, by not having a blue undertone like most sunscreens. The Fresh Sun Screen is more like a beauty product that protects you from the sun than your normal sunscreen.
Fresh Sun Screen close up


When you use the Fresh Sun Screen for the first time, you really are expecting a sun screen but when it comes out of the tube-it’s more of a cream. I mention earlier that the Fresh Sun Screen didn’t have the usual stickiness of sunscreens, which is true, but it also depends on where you put it. If you are using the Fresh Sun Screen for your face then it glides on very smoothly, but if you put on your arm then can get a little sticky.
The best feature of the product from me is the fact that you can wear it everyday. Whenever I wear the Fresh Sun Screen, I like to put it under my tinted moisturizer.The Fresh Sun Screen is nice because even though I’m putting on multiple steps of makeup, the sunscreen doesn’t make my skin feel heavy. In fact, the sunscreen helps my face feel fresh for my moisturizer. I also like to use the Fresh Sun Screen daily because it helps to lighten age spots or in my case old scars. I enjoy knowing that I have a product that is not only going to help my skin look great but also correct past imperfections.  


I really like using the Lioele’s Fresh Sun Screen because it a great daily product that packs a lot of benefits for my skin. Especially, with sun screen it’s easy to rely on makeup that might have SPF protection but why take that risk when you can use Fresh Sun Screen. It works great under makeup and helps your skin beyond protection from the sun. I fully endorse this product because I needs it’s a necessary product everyone should have.

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