Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting in to BB creams? Try Lioele's Beyond the Solution BB cream!

Today I will be reviewing Lioele’s Beyond the Solution BB cream!
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For today’s review it will be a interview due to the fact, that Beyond the Solution BB cream is a way too light for my. My kid sister was kind enough to let me use her as my guinea pig so I could provide a Beyond the Solution BB cream review. I wanted to make sure that my kid sister got Beyond the Solution BB cream, because she is just starting out in the makeup world. The Beyond the Solution BB cream is a great beginner BB cream which is why I let my kid sister use the it. 


Like last time, I let my kid sister test out the Beyond the Solution BB cream for a month. I find that most of Lioele’s product will begin to show the products benefits within the first month of use.
Q: How was the quality of the Beyond the Solution BB cream?
A: Good, the texture of the BB cream was great. When I put the cream on it made my skin feel very fresh. It stayed on longer than other foundations that I have tried.
Q:Was Beyond the Solution BB cream easier to use than a traditional foundation?
A: Yes it was very easy to put on and it was less of a hassle to put on since you don’t have to worry about primers and what not. The BB cream was also easier for me to learn than a traditional foundation.
Q:As someone new to makeup, how was the experience using Beyond The Solution BB cream?
A: The BB cream was very easy to use and it help me want to learn more about makeup.
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General Impressions

She felt like the shade of Beyond the Solution BB cream was little too light for her skin tone, but after a while the BB cream would eventually match her skin tone. She like how the BB cream would last great for the majority of her day. Although, she did notice that once the day can to an end that her makeup would start to get a little shiny. She also felt that Beyond the Solution help to cover up all her blemishes.
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My kid sister did recommend that to be careful with the pump on the BB cream. If she wasn’t paying attention then she would get much more of the cream than what she needed. She also suggested that people who try out the BB cream to be consistent! If you stay with the product, you will start to see the full results that Lioele promises.

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