Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Have tired skin? Try Lioele's Essential Red Ginseng Mask to help perk up!

Today we will be reviewing Lioele’s Essential Red Ginseng Mask!
Since I have gotten really good results with Lioele’s Essential Honey Mask, I have been wanting to try out the Red Ginseng Mask as well. The Lioele Essential Red Ginseng Mask sheet is a great for whenever you feel like your skin is feeling tired. The Red Ginseng component of the mask helps to perk up your complexion, so it should look tired after using the mask. I was noticing some dark circles under my eyes so I decided it was time to use my Essential Red Ginseng Mask.


The mask is like the rest of the Essential line,  a plain, white sheet mask. I was kind of expecting the mask to be red but I understand that the essences tend to be the most distilled part of any ingredient. Although, if the mask was red, it would have been really cool. The essence did have a medical smell to it. It wasn’t overpowering enough that I wanted to take off the mask but it also wasn’t as soothing as other masks. The Essential Line has to be my favorite line out of all of Lioele’s masks because the fit of the mask is alway good.

I had a very different experience with the essence of the mask than other essences that I have tried. Usually the essence of the mask is very subtle,but the Essential Red Ginseng mask was not. I was very impressive because for the full 20 minutes of wearing the mask, it didn’t stop tingling. Even when I took the mask off, my face continue to tingle. For me, the tingling of the mask felt as if the mask was helping my tired skin become more energetic and helped me feel like the mask was doing its job. 


Like I said in the previous paragraph, the mask didn’t stop tingling for about 5 minutes after using the mask. I like that aspect of the mask because it felt like the mask was working overtime for me and I got to experience the full range of benefits of the mask. The next day, I did notice less dark circles and some of the fullness of my face came back. My face did feel firmer, which was unexpected. I like this extra benefit of the mask because not only did the Essential Red Ginseng mask take care of my tired skin but it also help firm up my overall complexion. 


The Essential Red Ginseng mask boast that it can help cure your tired skin. Now that I have tried the Essential Red Ginseng mask, I agree with its boasts. The Red Ginseng mask helped to perk my complexion while at the same helped my skin to regain its firmness. Although, the tingling might be too much for people with sensitive skin, so you might want to look for a mask that would be more gentle for your face. If you are looking for a mask that revitalizes and firms your skin then the Essential Red Ginseng mask is the one for you.  

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