Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking for primer? Get Lioele's Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base!

Today I will be reviewing Lioele’s Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base!

Lioele’s Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base is a great primer to help compliment your Lioele BB creams. I had picked up the primer the last time that I was at Lioele Texas, because I like to keep my products within the same brand family, and I tend to have good luck with Lioele’s products. Primers are great to use whenever you would like to make your makeup last. When I saw they had a primer, I decided to pick up the 7ml one so I could give it a try and review it.


Like most of Lioele’s products, the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base has very girly looking packaging. It’s less organic than other product packaging, but I guess there really isn’t anything organic that comes to mind when you think of a primer. Like the name suggests, the primer does have a glossy pearl shine to it whenever you use the it. Unlike other Lioele’s products that start at such a light tone, the Blooming Shimmer Pearl blends in very well leaving only a rainbow shimmer behind. I liked the shimmer in the Blooming Shimmer Pearl because helps my skin become more illuminated than other primers that can cause my complexion to look lifeless.
The Blooming Shimmer Pearl base on by itself and
how it does as a primer. 


The Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base is very easy to use and I like how the primer doesn’t feel greasy. Whenever I applied it to my complexion, it left my skin feeling super soft and light. I only use the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base whenever I’m doing my date makeup since it causes me to use many layers of product. Since the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base is so light, it became my favorite feature of the product because my last primer left my skin feeling heavy. As for how the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base work as a primer, I found it very helpful in making my makeup last longer. I liked using the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base whenever I was wearing bright colors, since they tend to fade fast with my skin tone. The Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base help to make sure that the colors continue to popped as well as making makeup lasting the whole day. The Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base help to condense using a primer and a shimmer so now I have only one step to do rather than two.


For casually picking up the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base, I tend to use it alot. This to to me means that I know that I found a good product to use that helps my makeup look great. Once I’m done with my 7 ml, I will upgrade to the 35 ml because the product has become so integral in my makeup regime. If you are looking for either a primer or a shimmer, I would recommend the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base. Another great thing about the Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base does have two different sample sizes, so you don’t take my word for it than you can try it for yourself

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