Monday, January 14, 2013

Looking to Highlight your look? Try Lioele's Silky Highlighter BB Touch!

Today we will be reviewing Lioele’s Silky Highlighter BB Touch!

I’m sure that everyone has realized that I can’t review all of Lioele’s BB cream due to have a darker skin tone than most Asians. It’s understood that Lioele has its roots in Korea and they tend to focus more on skin tones that they see lot of in Korea, which is why they don’t carry more BB creams in my skin tone . I have ask someone of my friends to help me out with the BB creams that don’t match my skin tone, since only one of the Lioele BB creams does match my skin tone (the Lioele Super Gold Snail BB cream) . For the Silky Highlighter BB Touch, one of my helpful friends took the BB cream and used it for a month.  Here are some of her thoughts on the Silky Highlighter BB Touch; I hope that her observations help if you are interested in using this BB cream.


I wanted to start off by asking her the questions that I usually ask myself when I’m reviewing a Lioele product. I usually look at what the product promises and the benefits that it boast.  Especially for the BB cream, I like to give more time for the benefits to start working since the BB cream are structured for daily use.  This is why I ask my friend to use the Silky Highlighter BB Touch for a month. A month is typically when you can start to see if the product can live up to its promises.
Q: How was the highlighting feature?
A: I found it to work well but I felt that there was too much shimmer in the BB Touch.
Q: Do you feel that this made you want to use the Silky Highlighter BB Touch less or more?
A: Not really, but I would like less product distribution when using the Silky Highlighter.
Q: Did you feel that the product had good coverage?
A: I think that with multiple applications it can provide good coverage maybe like 2 layers of the product.  Maybe it would have provided better coverage for someone with a lighter skin tone.
[My friend has more of an olive skin tone which was a little darker than the pale/porcelain skin tone the Silky Highlighter seems to be made for.]

General Impressions

She felt that the Silky Highlighter had more of a grey undertone that might look better on someone who has yellow undertones in their complexions. She also felt that the Silky Highlighter didn’t have a smooth finish to it when compared to the Super Gold Snail BB cream. She did feel that the Silky Highlighter had very pretty high shine highlighter.  She thought it was great for those looking for a shimmer.


My friend recommends that anyone using the Silky Highlighter BB Touch to make sure that also use a setting powder so it doesn’t move too much. Although, it is a great feature of the product because it allows you do fix any mistakes that you might make without having to use a makeup remover.  She also thought that best application of the Silky Highlighter would be for capturing that beach glow without using a lot of makeup. All in all she did recommend this product for those with fair skin tones and for anyone who likes shimmer. 

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