Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking for a new cleanser? Try Lioele's Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser!

Today we will be reviewing the Lioele Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser!

Since I have been seeing good results with Lioele, I wanted to try out one of their cleanser for my daily face wash.  Like I have said numerous times on this blog, I have troublesome, oily skin so I went with Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser. The Cranberry Foam Cleanser promises to get rid of dead skin cells that clog pores causing breakouts and dull skin.  I want to try out the cleanser because I really like the Vita Shake facemasks and I thought this would be a perfect fit in my skin regiment.


The Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser is great because whenever you open the tube you get hit with the scent of fruity Cranberry.  Everyone should know by now, that I really enjoy having my product match up with the description of how it’s supposed to smell like. Since it was Cranberry, I didn’t want the scent to have dry, uninteresting scent instead Lioele managed to make the Cranberry very fruity and fun.  I like how the scent is noticeable without being overpowering.  I also felt the choice for making the oily foam cleanser to be Cranberry was an excellent one.


The Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser is a cream cleanser so you will need a lot of water to make sure that it foams correctly.  To make sure that I have enough water so that the cleanser foams up like it’s supposed to, I tend to use this cleanser whenever I’m in the shower.  This is the only issue that I have with the product because this could be inconvenience if you are in a hurry. Although, I tend to have this problem a lot with cream cleansers so maybe it’s only an issue that I have.

I do like how the cream looks like its pack with nutrients. It’s the first thing that I noticed when I started using the product that the cream had neat shimmer to it. I really like that addition to the Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser because it’s such a small detail that could have been over look for a more plain cream. Especially since the cream look like it was packing nutrients, I really felt my skin soak up the nutrients that the cream provided while cleaning out my complexion.


I have been using the Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser for a month now and I feel that with this cleanser and the rest of the Lioele products that my skin has become healthier and less troublesome. I feel the Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser helped my complexion to become less oily while still delivering the nutrients that my skin needs. Unlike other cleansers that will clean your complexion by completely stripping your face of natural oils leaving your face feeling dry, the Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser finds the perfect balance between cleaning and vitalized. If you are looking for a cleanser and if you have oily skin then I would recommend the Cranberry Vita Juicy Foam Cleanser for your needs. 

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