Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Have a troubled time with your skin? Try Lioele's Cranberry Vita Shake pack!

Today we will be reviewing Lioele’s Cranberry Vita Shake Pack!

The Cranberry Vita shake pack is a great way to help get oily skin under control. This mask boasts that it can help  tighten pores and reduce sebum secretions. As I have claim numerous times on this blog,I have really oily skin and I constantly suffer from breakouts. The reason for my most recent breakout is the fact I had gotten lazy and stop using my BB cream. Since my skin wasn’t getting the help that it was used to, I had a massive breakout in retaliation. I wanted to use the Cranberry mask to get control of my skin after its massive rebellion. 


The mask, like the rest in the series, is a clear gel-like essence. Unlike some of the mask in the series, such as the Blueberry or the Papaya, it does not have any color tints to it. While I enjoy having that feature as a part of my mask, it’s not really necessary. The scent of the mask was a pleasant sweet, fruity scent. I didn’t find it accuracy of a cranberry scent but it was something that I enjoy nonetheless. Since the mask had a pleasant scent to it, the Cranberry mask didn’t bother me to have it on longer than usually. I really wanted the full effect of the mask so I used the max time.

The Cranberry mask wasn’t very sticky and only dried out in a few places but not overall. I expected it to dry out completely since I was using the whole time frame, instead of the usual 5 minutes. This could a feature that interests anybody reading, since no one wants to scrub a mask off their face. Some of the Vita Shake mask can be hard to take off since they aren’t the Paper Mask so this could be a special benefit for you if you don’t like messy masks.

After Use

The first thing I notice when I washed off the mask that my skin was very soft. While I wasn’t hoping for softer skin, it was still a nice benefit to the mask. The blemishes that I had were smaller but not completely gone which was kind of disappointing. The next day, I notice that the blemishes that I had were smaller than the night before so I feel that the Cranberry Vita Shake mask helps blemishes to heal faster. While the mask also boasted that it would tighten my skin, I really didn’t see much of a difference. Then again, I don’t have loose skin problems to often so that could also be the case.


I would recommend the Cranberry Vita Shake because when I used the mask I felt that it lived up to its boasts. I think that this mask is great for those who are suffering a long breakout because it helps to speed up the healing process. Like I said earlier, I don’t know if does tighten the skin because I didn’t notice any difference but that could be just my experience with mask. I feel that like this is a great mask to add to any beauty regimen.

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