Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brighten up your complexion with Lioele's Lemon Vita Shake Pack!

Today we will be reviewing Lioele’s Lemon Vita Shake pack!

The Lemon Vita Shake pack is supposed to be great for those who need to brighten their skin. I wanted to try out this mask because I noticed that my skin was starting to get a little ashen with all of this cold weather that we had been having lately. I know a lot of homemade mask recipes that cited lemons as a great way to brighten your face so I decided to go ahead and try the Lioele’s Vita shake pack instead of making one. I tend to have good results with Lioele’s products so I thought if I know lemon works great for brightening your complexion and Lioele’s products typically deliver then this mask should blow it out of the park. 


I think that the lemon scent is my favorite scent in all of the Vita Shake packs. Not only does the Lemon Vita Shake pack smells like lemons, it was a mask that had an expectation from me. I know a lot of the mask try to have their scents match up with the fruits in the Vita Shake series but sometimes they aren’t really matching or it’s something I never thought had a scent before like the Apple Mango. I really enjoyed having my expectations met when I opened this mask and found it smelling like lemons. 

When applying the mask, I noticed that it did have a yellow tint to the usually clear gel. This was another plus for the mask in my book because it shows that Lioele thinks about all of the small details. I know the last mask didn’t have a tint to it but there isn’t a color that comes to mind when you think of Papaya. So I could understand how that detail got lost in the Papaya Vita Shake pack.

After Use 

Like all of the masks in the Vita Shake series, they are really great at getting your skin soft and smooth. Even my fingertips which I used to put the mask on my face felt very soft after washing it off. I know that the main benefit that Lioele is trying to push with the Lemon Vita Shake pack is brightening your complexion but the mask has a great side benefit of getting your face so soft. The mask did a great job of brightening my face.  I really noticed it the next day when I woke up, that my complexion had more yellow undertones to it than the night before. 


As the final Lioele Vita Shake in the series, I would really recommend the Lemon mask. Not only does it help to brighten your face, it also makes it so soft and smells delicious. I think the Lemon Vita Shake pack is my favorite in all of the collection. If you suffer from a dull complexion then I would encourage you to try out the Lemon mask because it’s a great mask from a great company. 

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