Monday, July 23, 2012

Lioele Pinky Pop Tint Review

                 Today, I will be reviewing Lioele Pinky Pop Tint! 

Lioele Pop Tints come in three different colors: pinky, red, and orange. The one that I bought was the Pinky color because I wanted a more natural, girly look. I found the packaging to be really cute and something that I didn’t mind carrying around with me.  Pop Tint comes in a nail polish shaped-bottle with a brush, so it’s really easy to use for both your cheeks and face. 

Whenever you use Pop Tint, it has a pleasant, bubble gum scent and taste, so it’s not off-putting to use on your face. The scent is subtle enough that it doesn’t overpower you, and found myself enjoying it so much that I sometimes just put it on for the smell.

Since Pop Tint is a tint, it’s not really that sticky or really thick like some lip glosses.  I really like this aspect of the Pop Tint since you can also use it as a blush, and I didn’t want something that was too sticky to be on my face. 

If you’re like me and more used to applying powder blush, there’s a bit of a learning curve using liquid tint as a blush rather than powder. However, I felt the tint provided a more natural blush than the current powder blush that I’m using. It’s also helpful to use a blush brush, so that it looks a little more matte rather than something you just glopped on your face.  If you find yourself a little unsure on how to use Pop Tint as a blush, then you can always go to the website and look up their photo tutorial on how to use it.

As for how it works on the lips, it works great. I really enjoy using Pop Tint as my main lip stain. It spreads on easily, and I found the brush to be helpful getting the tint in all the nooks and crannies. I tend to prefer lip stain over lipstick or lip gloss because I generally don’t like the sticky feeling of them or the fact that you’re constantly reapplying. So when I saw this product, I knew I was going to use it mostly as a lip stain, but I didn’t think that I would be using it for a blush as well.

My favorite thing about Lioele’s Pop Tint is the fact that you can layer the color to achieve different looks, which is great because now I get to have all the shades of pink in one little bottle. Some days, I may want just a hint of color on my lips. Other days, I may want to have my lips bubblegum neon pink, which is so easy to do with Pop Tint. It’s also the same for when you’re using it as a blush; you can adjust how much you want your cheeks to pop.

I found Pop Tint fun to use, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new addition to their makeup collection.

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